The excitement of pioneering disruptive innovation is infectious! Conceptualising a strategy lets one to deep dive into diverse intellectual discussions on electrons to economics. Executing the market strategy makes one challenge few market fundamentals. Unlearning and Relearning is an everyday affair, well that happens when you are in the “Blue Ocean”. When we walk in each day, we remind ourselves that to take on the market reality we are faced with requires out of the box thinking, challenging status quo, re-engineering fundamentals of the cleantech industry and a sharper business acumen.

Pick any team member randomly in GIBSS and he / she will vouch for the fact that life here never gets monotonous. Every day we learn new things and have round the clock events and moments that we look forward to.

Interactive events include meetings senior management team, offsite team meets, training and development programs, women’s day, quarterly luncheons, movies, picnics and even those Jalebi sessions in the evenings.

These events are designed to cater to various aspects of an employee’s engagement with the company. Therefore life at GIBSS is not all work but scoops of fun with a quest for excellence thrown in.

Different Cultures, One Family

And an open culture that encourages new talents and ideas Employee Friendly Policies - Experiment, innovate and rediscover yourself both as an individual and as a professional. Absence of barriers, both physical and metaphorical, in the office, allows you free accessibility to the highest level of management. A supporting team and superiors enables you to take on challenges and derive professional gratification. The core values of safety and ethics underlines the company’s concern for employees and importance of transparency and fair-play in business.

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