Vision and Mission

Vision: Making Buildings Zero Net Energy for Empowering Growth

Mission: Making Environmentally and socially responsible technologies commercially viable


Our Values:
To engage in businesses, that will have a positive impact on the business, environment and society.

At GIBSS, “corporate conduct is inseparable from the conduct of individual employees in the performance of their work. Every GIBSS employee is responsible for adhering to business practices that are in accordance with the letter and spirit of the applicable law of the country and with ethical principles that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behaviour.

“At GIBSS, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our customers, to GIBSS employees and their families, to the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we profess.”